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Why I went to go on an adventure of solo traveling

Once upon a time… my status changed, and a new friendship arose with a woman that travelled around the world, a woman that today is one of my best friends. I was inspired and had the urge to explore the world, the challenge for me was that most of my friends were settled with family and/or children and no availability to travel with me. So, my options were limited, either “sit and wait” for life to happen to me or just go for it and make life happen for me. The limited options suddenly became one choice, I said yes to life and went for it! And this is one of the best descion I have made so far in my life!

The reason for this is that I have experienced so much on my solo travels, your horizon gets wider and deeper, I have learned so much and I have met so many beautiful people, people that are very good friends to this day. People which under a different setting I wouldn’t have met. Beautiful is one of these, Dalina pictured on the left I met in Miami in 2017, my soul sister.

On top of all this I have become a better version of me and I am still growing as to expanding my comfort zone continuously traveling solo. I have become humbler, embracing gratitude and more compassionate, skills that grows from the experience I gain of my travels. Skills that come from all you see, hear, experience and from the people you meet, from the good to the not so good, as there is a lot of injustice and not so good circumstances in the world unfortunately. But there is also good within the not so good, much love, joy for the little things in life, beautiful people and much gratitude.

Going back to my first solo travel, I did not know what I was going to and the fears where strong at my side, but excitement calmed the fear…lol. I learned so much though, the trip went to Brazil, first to Amazonas (which was AMAZING) and I continued to Rio for the carnival (also AMAZING) going on to explore this beautiful city. Until this day Rio is one of my favorite cities I have visited however, it was not straight forward for a blond non-experienced solo traveler in Rio -and staying in the favela, but it was the perfect destination to start my solo travelling and I learned some key elements for solo travelling and travelling in general, -to trust my intuition and take precautions.  With these elements in place, Brazil became such a beautiful adventure and the people that crossed my path, beautiful, beautiful mindset in a country that has its challenges, as most countries.


The world is our playground lets explore it


What is your best travel experience?


  • Michelle

    I am so happy to see this Blog! I have been trying to encourage you to do this for a while now. I believe this will be ideal for you and people will love you. You are truly an inspiration for me as well as many others.
    As your best friend I love watching you grow and flower. You do what you love and you are who you are which I believe is the right attitude for everyone.
    I love you for who you are and I am very grateful for our friendship. Enjoy your journey and I can’t wait to see what’s coming!
    “Always be the best of you” .
    Love Michelle

  • Stine Westlye

    Så sant som Michelle sier, en stor inspirasjon. Husker når du reiste til Brasil. Herregud for ei rå dama tenkte eg! og du fortsatte bare med reisene dine. Eg syns du gjør noe helt fantastisk for deg sjøl. Du komme til å være den kuleste på gamlehjemmet når du er 130 år. Eg komme til å sitte ved siden av (129 år) deg og le og nyte alle dine historier.
    Glad i deg. Kult å følge deg her!


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