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Health my “new” wealth

Why health is so important to me and the “new” wealth.

First of all because I am aiming to be 130 years! Life has too, much to offer and I wish to get as much I can with me on this one life we are given on this earth. So, for me to become 130 years it is obviously very important for me to take care of my health, as I want to be vital and living a full life until the end also.

If you have not seen this clip, I urge you, this woman just inspires, love it. I see myself turning 100years doing a tango with a young handsome man… just that is a motivation to stay healthy;-)  (text continues below video)

Growing up I was not in to sports, or…I was on a football “street team” but this lasted only two trainings as the coach had enough of us girls… lol. This was the sport of my youth. It took me 30 years to discover running and the wonderful aspects of being in the nature. I signed up to different runs here in Norway, in Europe and US, which was a superb combination with my passion for travel. Have to admit, I do love when there is a bit diversity and fun, so the runs I signed up for is not your “typical” New York Marathon, I went for Las Vegas Rock n`roll Marathon -running along the strip at night, which was a great way of seeing the city at night, my brother did not have the same opinion though…lol.

Also went to France, Medoc Wine Marathon, running in a beautiful scenery in costume and stopping to drink wine on the most amazing wine castles.

I was fortunate to run with a dear friend that is highly educated within wine, Stine at my left in the picture, so she set out the stop route for us, to taste the extraordinary wines with a purpose to get to the finish line. Was a beautiful but very tough experience, 42k -just saying, which I obviously soon forgot about as I ran the following year also…lol.

I’m now at my 36th year, just under 100 years to go;-) and my focus on health and a good lifestyle has shifted as I have gained more insights and knowledge that has led me to create a better life, building my health wealth, which I am grateful for. My body and mind has changed in the process, and I have to say a good health is wealth and a wealth you cannot buy for money so don’t wait for the day when the wealth of money will be there to step up for your health, as then it can be so much more challenging or too late, start today as today is the only thing you have for certain, yesterday is the past and tomorrow is a mystery.. this saying -I hold it close to my heart and live it in so many aspects, as who knows what tomorrow brings.

Another strong reason for my focus on health is my fear, one of my biggest fear is to see myself fast forward 20 years and I am not able to do what I love, travel the world, go hiking, go running, be spontaneous and feeling & be energetic. My fear is having a body and mind that is physically and emotional unhealthy, and that illness have embodied the body of that reason, and that this would create limitations for me to live a fully and vital life. Certainly, there are conditions and illnesses we cannot prevent, but if that day arrives, I wish to be strong in body and mind to fight it.

My why`s is strong and they keep me moving towards good healthy choices in life for building a wealth in health for body and mind. For me baby steps and awareness are key, even though I have my eager moments…lol. Other key aspects for me is to be compassionate to myself and enjoy the journey, #chocoholic. The reward is enormous, for body and mind in so many aspects, this is what keeps me moving towards building my wealth and moving me towards beautiful adventures and connections.

I invest in my wealth at a daily basis, I invest in me at different aspects, I encourage you to do also. And live and love! The vitamins of life!



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