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Life & Wealth Mastery Fiji

About this week, what a week, in Fiji attending Tony Robbins Life & Wealth Mastery, which was the initial purpose of my journey to Fiji. It has been an absolutely outstanding week, stepping out of my comfort zone at so many occasions -growth.  I have gained so much valuable knowledge and insights.







Day 1, leaving our fears and “luggage”, climbing a 5m pole for then to jump off it, I was definitely feeling the fear, but was able to change my state and up I went with certainty, “flying” down my thought where on wanting to repeat it, what a great exercise. F… the fears!!!

First days on Life Mastery we were on a cleanse, where we had amongst others, wheatgrass shots, different juices, soups++ and our daily shot of omega 3 and 6 -Udo’s oil. And I am a foodie, no doubt about it, so I had some concerns for Mrs hunger, however it went so well. I felt energized in body and mind -this with full on days from morning to late evening. (2-3hours break in the midday)

Amazing speakers sharing their knowledge of health and I gained so much insights and realisation of health,  how important it is, how we are imposing illness to our bodies via food we eat.  Food has a massive impact on your body mind and health, as of my dedication and passion to health I will post more of my insights on this subject. #staytuned

In between sessions was fortunate to go to the Tony Robbins beautiful Namale Spa and resort, a resort well recognised in Fiji and the world. What a pleasure that was. #grateful

The last part of the seminar, wealth mastery was the topic. I was looking forward to this, as how to structure my finances has been on my agenda. There were some outstanding speakers, great exercises, out of my comfort zone moments, through this gained some -wow- insights of how to structure my finances to build up to my financial freedom. I have now a good toolbox and a great plan moving forward. #excited

Again, what a week, however the knowledge, insights, experiences and adventures is only one part of it, connecting with so many beautiful people and souls are the other part of this fantastic week. I am so grateful and so humbled for this journey. And I feel so prepared to embrace and build a beautiful future ahead in so many aspects!








Next journey, Island hopping, Mana Island is first out, which by the way means magic. I will for sure have some magic days there before heading to next Island. EXCITED!!!


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