Mana Island -Fiji Island hopping-

Part of the Mamanuca Islands, 45min boat ride from main Island Nadi. My first stop of my week of Island hopping in beautiful Fiji.

Mana means magic, and yes magic of an Island it was.

I stayed in a beach bure with a hammock on my porch and the beach as my front yard, something I could easily get used to.

Mana Island is surrounded all around the Island by magic beaches. Low tide is the magic time, as the beaches are in their full nudity longing for affection.

Dream beach one of the many beaches, such a beautiful beach, I spent some time here reflecting and writing my dreams out surrounded by beautiful corals and shells shattered all over the beach. My imagination started flowing, I saw beautiful earrings necklaces and rings, I suddenly saw a whole Fiji collection lol -inspired.  Fijian children were playing in the low tide at the other side of the beach, we were the only ones at the beach, a seaplane comes at sight and quickly diasppear with destination a beautiful Island, then sound of beautiful mother earth, nature is present.

Reflecting over how grateful I am to be on this beautiful journey.

Sunset beach, another beach, another day and another beautiful moment, I spent some hours here enjoying and waiting for a beloved sunset which the clouds ended up “hiding”, however the beach itself was just beautiful, further away from resorts and villages and as of the tide it seems so untouched, the view, the open sea with islands scattered far out, beautiful and also having the beach all for myself, magic.

One of my other highlights during this stay was a snorkeling trip out to the sand bank just outside Mana Island, WOW first of all snorkeling seing those beautiful corals and colourful fishes (however still a bit scared of drowning, so I am breathing like a crazy gal in my air tube..LOL) Coming in to the sand bank, just amazed it`s like a little magic amazing beach in the middle of the ocean, or it is this! And a beautiful wonder of nature. I could stay here for hours!!

Mana aka magic Island is really magic you have the beautiful beaches, the great views and access to so many adventures.  And the people off course, the Fijians from the local village working at Ratu Kini was so kind and service minded. The dearest Lora with her kitchen team was the best, such a good spirit and super good to me as of my desire of clean food after coming off a cleanse, they went over all my expectations to accommodate me, grateful!










Magic Island a beautiful start of a beautiful week.



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