Nanuya Island my last days in Fiji

My two last days in Fiji, treating myself and checking in to beautiful Nanuya Island resort.

Staying in a beautiful tree top bure with amazing views, a  bed covered in beautiful Fijian flowers and a indoor/outdoor shower. #happiness

The beach of Nanuya, -wow- long stretched with crystal turquoise water, postcard beach! I just could not get enough of this beach. As the beach gave me so much fulfilment and peace, peace of mind. I walked, I jogged, kayaked and swam along this beautiful beach during my stay. And the beauty, beach shifted appearance for every time I saw it,  as to the tide and weather.

At my departure day I spontaneously went along for a village visit with beautiful Carleigh which I randomly met the night before at Nanuya Island, -after crossing paths at shark snorkelling at Kuata Island!

Village visit was a great end on a beautiful stay, -wow- what insights and perspective I/we gained.  Such a supportive community. Materialism was through my eyes absent, they don’t have much, but they have such a beautiful spirit and joy.

Employment is low in the far-out Islands, only 10% of the village is fortunate to work in the resorts and the most common employment is fisherman/farmer, which in most cases provide a minimum wage.

The local community receive very little subsidies from government, so they yearly arrange fundraises in the village, where every family contribute to the different funds, the school, the church and the village. This year a water pump replacement was on their agenda,  as the main deposit water pump was broken down, which means they need to walk to one side of the island and carry water from there to the village instead of being able to pump it through to a deposit in the village. It has been delayed as to finance as to the high cost of replacing it.

It is with insights like this I start reflecting, reflecting over how fortunate I am, how grateful I am, having limitless (drinking) water out of my tap! And for all the other “little” things I back home take for granted. Which is very easy when it is “effortless”. I urge you to take a moment and realise how fortunate you are with what you have right now in every aspects.


Nanuya Island and resort was a perfect place to conclude 3 beautiful weeks, with a disconnection from the world aka no internet access and just being and taking in all the moments, experiences, adventures, people and knowledge this journey has given me. Truly grateful! Fiji will always be in my heart and I am so excited for the base this journey has given me for a beautiful future ahead.

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