If one thing Spurs you to do another, it encourages you to do it.

I strive to Spur myself and others -to love, live fully and enjoy the moment/s.

I’m a Norwegian woman, living in Stavanger with a passion for traveling & a good lifestyle -that can keep me going to 130 years. I’m an energetic soul, a life lover and enjoyist, often powered by laughter and impromptu adventures.

The last years I have been travelling mostly solo here and there around the world, and I have had so many beautiful experiences and adventures which I have had such a personal growth on. I have also discovered my love for photography on my travels, capturing beautiful moments and yes, a picture truly says more than 1000 words.

And I realized life is about moments and the people you meet, -don’t wait for the moments -create them.

My intention for Spur is to share, share my passion, my journey and adventures, take you onboard in to a story through photos, videos, words and with reflections within the “diary”.  In the hope that my sharing can Spur and inspire, inspire you to take a baby step on to something you desire.


Life doesn’t happen to you! Life happens for you!!